Bilingual Christian Church


毎週日曜日 11:00



Every Sunday morning there is a bilingual Christian church service near Honmachi. This is probably different than your general mental image of a church. We  have live music (guitars, drums, etc), have free refreshments, and everything is in English and Japanese. It is a good opportunity to make friends, speak English, listen to English, enjoy good music and have a good time. You do not have to be a Christian to come--everyone is welcome. So come check it out!

Family English Club



お父さん・お母さんもお子さんと一緒に英語を勉強しませんか?英語の大切な基礎になる発音から楽しく学びます!英語に興味のある人たちと一緒に学びましょう!全年齢の子ども達が対象です!ファミリー英会話クラブはMustard Seedクリスチャン教会主催で参加費は無料です。時間が変わることがありますので、必ずホームページで最新情報を確認して下さい。

Moms and Dads--why not study English with your child? Together you can learn the basics of English from native English speakers. It will be fun to spend time with other parents and children, who are also interested in English. At this time, Family English Club is a free event provided by Mustard Seed Christian Church. All ages of children are welcome! Please join us and invite your friends!